01. Personel Data

The only personal data we will collect from you will be an email and an associated password. Your password will be stored, encrypted at rest within a secure database. We advise you the user of the site, not to use the same password on any site, not just this one, if another site is compromised and your same credentials are used, attackers could gain access to your account.

02. Personel Sensitive Data

We do not store any personal sensitive data by request as part of the RaceLeagues website. However, any personnal views, opinions or information you post within the RaceLeagues chat systems could be kept up to five years. This is done so at your own risk.

03. Data Disclosure

We promise not to give, lend, sell or show your information to third parties unless formally requested to so by law.

04. Tracking

No tracking technology is used within this site, cookies are not used, however temporary session cookies maybe created by your web browser.

This privacy policy maybe updated from time-to-time. Members of RaceLeagues will be notified of these changes via email. If there are issues or queries with the above policy, then please contact an admin through the contact section of this page.

01. Our Service

Our service to you, a member of this RaceLeagues website is bound by the following terms which is agree to by becoming a member.

02. Abusive Behaviour

You agree, not to direct abusive behaviour/comments towards any individual or group of individuals which includes, but not limit to racial, sexist or any other discriminative behaviour.

03. User Redirection

Directing of users to service of the same or similar services to that offered by RaceLeagues is strictly prohibited.

04. Sharing of illegal material

No illegal material will be hosted or discussed within RaceLeagues.

05. Manipulating Services

You agree not to manipulate the existing service, or exploit any part of the website (including parts of the website not functioning under the intended purpose) for personal gain, financial or otherwise.

If you, a user/member of RaceLeagues are deemed to breach any of the above terms of our service, we, the admin team, reserve the right to suspend, ban and remove your account with immediate effect.

Everything we do, we believe in thinking differently. In challenging the norm, we made RaceLeagues intuitive, well-designed and effortless to run your own leagues.
Thank you for joining the RaceLeagues revolution.